• Two in-person prenatal visits; one for getting to know each other and the other for practicing comfort measures

  • Local resources and access to lending library

  • Evidence based information at your fingertips to encourage you to make the best choices for you, your baby, and your family

  • Unlimited and unbiased phone, text, email and video chat support throughout the duration of your pregnancy

  • Dedicated 24/7 on-call coverage and support beginning at 38 weeks

  • Continuous labor support when and where you choose

  • Immediate postpartum/breastfeeding support

  • Reliable back-up doula

  • One postpartum visit in your home or location of choice, additional visits available if requested


  • Hour long yoga sessions personally curated to fit you and your needs

  • Pranayama (breathing) techniques reviewed to help you through birth

  • Meditation guidance


  • One on one childbirth education classes offered in your home, around your busy schedule

  • Daytime, evening and weekend times available

  • Topics discussed: preparing for childbirth, signs of early labor, labor and birth positioning, managing pain, birth partner assistance, information about medical interventions, postpartum care for birthing parent, early newborn care

  • Information provided in a way that will help alleviate anxiety around unanswered questions as well as build confidence in your body’s ability to birth your way!


  • In-depth prenatal consult prior to baby’s birth to learn more about parenting philosophies and desires

  • Daytime and overnight care available

  • Establish new routines that fit your new lifestyle as soon as baby arrives

  • Compassionate care of birthing parent as they physically recover from childbirth

  • Trained to recognize and support the signs and symptoms of atypical postpartum recovery, both mental and physical

  • Newborn care— feeding, diapering, bathing, sleep guidance

  • Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support— positioning, latch, breast and nipple care, pumping and breast milk storage, alternative means of milk transfer, affirmation of feeding choices

  • Creates opportunities for you to rest or spend time with older siblings

  • Preparation of light meals to support healing (extensive experience for cooking with dietary restrictions).

  • Access to local resources (IBCLC, pediatricians, etc.), information on the latest and greatest baby products as well as an ever-growing lending library

  • Evidence based information at your fingertips to encourage you to make the best choices for you, your baby, and your family

Keeping in mind that you might not know what “help” looks like until the baby is here, these packages are completely customizable to fit your family’s specific needs.

For some this looks like a steamy shower, a nap, and a hot cup of coffee when you wake up.

For others, it may be most helpful to have a listening and compassionate ear to help process your birth story.

Regardless, it means as much or as little help as you desire, every step of the way.

Postpartum support is the best gift you can give an expecting mama. Inquire about purchasing support for someone close to you.