Chelsey Worth is a professionally trained birth doula, providing support to mothers and their partners through all stages of labor and beyond. Chelsey is also a registered yoga teacher and loves to guide pregnant mothers through a kind and gentle practice tailored to their body and their needs. She marries yogic principles and doula support to create a compassionate and unbiased space for mothers from all walks of life.

Childbirth is a beautiful and unique transition in a woman’s life. This period of matrescense, of becoming a mother, is noted specifically by the ever-changing emotional, physical and mental landscape. It’s an important time for self-care, for reflection and for reconnecting to the natural function of of a woman’s body…birth.

As a mother of two children, Chelsey recognizes how very different each birth (and baby!) can be. As the laboring and birthing process unfolds, Chelsey’s priority is providing you and your partner with unbiased guidance and support. She believes that every woman should have options in their birth experience and be supported in those choices by their doula.

She would love a chance to meet you over tea to hear about your birthing wishes.